Welcome to my latest relaunch of the JM Bible Studies web site! I started writing Bible studies to post on the web 25 years ago (before electricity was invented, I know…) and I’ve stopped and started it several times since then.

I’m picking this site back up again because I need this right now. I need a focus on the Bible and on what I hear God saying to me through these divinely-inspired words. I will share these with you in case God chooses to speak to you through these thoughts, but that’s between you and God. I will write with honesty and openness so that God can hold me accountable and help me to grow.

You’re welcome to disagree with me, and you can even add your comments to this site. HOWEVER, I will be AGGRESSIVELY deleting comments from this site that I feel detract from the message. So sorry, but I’m not accountable to you. Please use your energy dialoging with God instead.


Relaunching… again…