In these pages, we will study what the Scriptures said to the people to whom these Words were given, and we will apply those inspired Words to our lives in our modern times. I believe that the Scriptures are divinely inspired — and I deliberately mean the present tense — because I believe that one of the ways God speaks to us is through these Scriptures. For that reason, I encourage you to read not only with your eyes but also with your mind and your soul.

I also believe that God is much bigger than the printed words of the Holy Bible, and God will not be confined within any book’s covers any more than God is confined by the walls of any church building.

If we come to a study of the Bible with the right mindset, we come with open ears and yielding minds because we want to hear God speak to our souls. We know that God is good, so we trust that what God says to us in our study will uplift us, challenge us, and prepare us to love more and serve more obediently. We often don’t hear what we want to hear, but God is God and we are not.

If we open the Bible to justify the actions we have already decided to take, we are often surprised at how easily God backs away to allow us to head in our own direction. Many times we won’t recognize what we have done until we find that God is not in our plans. If we turn from our directions, God’s grace will lead us out of our arrogance until we find that we are again in God’s plans.

May God speak to you through the scriptures, through the meditations in these pages, through the people around you, and through all that God has created that you will find divine joy in God’s plans and overflow with God’s love!


Sets of Meditations

Essentials — meditations on the basics of our faith

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