To apply principles of logic to my spiritual Walk, I need to be clear on what I accept as true and as a foundation on the rest of my beliefs. To use geometry proofs as a guide, I will have “postulates” that I accept as true, and “theorems” that I derive from the postulates. In geometry proofs, one of the postulates is that “parallel lines of infinite length will never cross.” This can’t be proven, so it is either accepted as a postulate in classical geometry, or it is rejected for a different kind of geometry.

I believe that God is pure and perfect agape Love.

I believe that God is the Creator, and that God is still creating.

I believe we are created in the image of God, and I believe that means that we are to love as God loves and create as God inspires us, but I also believe that we are finite beings bearing the image of the infinite God in a similar way that a sidewalk bears the shadow of a skyscraper.

From what I know about scientific progress in astronomy, in sub-atomic space, and in other disciplines, I believe that humans are incapable of fully understanding everything in creation. This relates to one of the key observations in computer science, that an information system can only be modeled accurately by another information system of higher capability and complexity. Because we are part of creation, our brains are not large enough to contain all the information about creation. Therefore, I theorize that if we are not capable of understanding all of creation, we cannot possibly understand everything about the Creator. (Although some people act as if they do…)

I believe God has given us many ways to understand the infinite nature of God, and these are ways of explaining some of the characteristics of the Infinite to those of us who are finite. When we read or hear of one of these explanations, we need to remember it is a simplified model of a part of God and not the completeness of God. We might use a coffee mug filled with water to represent an ocean, but we need to know the coffee mug can’t contain the ocean.

One of the central beliefs of Christianity is the Trinity, that the one God is revealed to us in the three “persons” of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, the “Three in One.” I believe this because my spiritual Walk has benefited from this model of God, but only when I keep the One at the forefront of my mind. I have heard dangerous heresies promoted by people who think the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are separate beings that can be played against each other. I have also heard people who were fine relating to Jesus as a person “just like us” while ignoring the authority of the Father and the presence of the Holy Spirit. The early church wrestled with heresies of those who accepted the Holy Spirit but not the person of Jesus. My practice is to proceed cautiously with any idea that might try to put God in a “box.”

On that same theme, I think one of the hallmarks of our rebellion and sin is when we decide we can take over any part of God’s role instead of continuing in our role of loving and creating.

My hope is that this page contains what I accept about God without proof based on my experience of who God is. As I come across other postulates of my faith, I’ll update this page to record them. Throughout the rest of this web site, I’ll use these postulates to derive and develop a more complete picture of what I believe.

Your set of foundational beliefs may be different than mine, based on your experiences, your personality, and how God is working in your life, and that is a wonderful thing! I encourage you to write down your core beliefs to help you sharpen your faith.